Letters To The Editor

My previously published letters to the editor, listed chronologically with the most recent first. Any new letters will be added as they appear.

  • Compelling Argument, June 3, 2012, The Tampa Bay Times - Liberals are right not to trust the government in administering the death penalty, but the same arguments hold true for economic matters as well.
  • Losses Will Teach Banks a Lesson, November 10, 2011, The Saint Petersburg Times - A steady diet of consequences breeds prudence.
  • Blame Congress For New Debit Fees, October 4, 2011, The Saint Petersburg Times - New debit card fees for consumers are the fault of government, not banks.
  • Driving Down Costs, April 15, 2011, The Saint Petersburg Times - Vouchers and lower spending on Medicare are features of Paul Ryan's budget proposal, not bugs.
  • Costs Versus Benefits, March 8, 2011, The Tampa Tribune - Just because we spent a bunch of money getting ready for high speed rail doesn't justify spending more.
  • Innovation Is The Answer, February 6, 2011, The Saint Petersburg Times - Why we needn't fret over population growth and a larger economy.
  • Invokes Freedom, February 2, 2011, The Tampa Tribune - Despite risks of poor decisions, individuals should still be allowed to run their own lives.
  • Voting With Their Feet, November 28, 2010, The Saint Petersburg Times - School districts are illiberal and arbitrary mandates.
  • Buying and Selling*, October 10, 2010, The Tampa Tribune - Corrupt pols are the symptom, not the cause.
  • Changing the U.S. Constitution*, August 25, 2010, The Tampa Tribune - Those who propose amendments are adherents to constitutional government.
  • It's A 'Ponzi Scheme', August 23, 2008, The Tampa Tribune - Scare tactics are not a legitimate path to Social Security reform.
  • You Can Drive 55 Now*, July 19, 2008, The Tampa Tribune - A federal law is not necessary to make people do something they can do on their own.
  • Situation Is Complex, April 5, 2008, The Tampa Tribune - Collectivism cannot be beaten by collectivism.
  • Nothing But A Power Grab*, February 16, 2008, The Tampa Tribune - Why my (uncounted) primary vote went to - ahem - Barack Obama. Forgive me! I was but a young and ignorant lad!

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Note: Beginning on January 1st, 2012, The Saint Petersburg Times began operating under the name The Tampa Bay Times.