This is my blog, intended as a store of random writing and links for those who don't have access to notes on my Facebook page. I used to have a self hosted blog but found it was more of a collection of essays than a running chronicle of events - which is fine, but better suited to something that doesn't cost ten bucks a month for a hosting fee.

My main interest in writing is politics, but I also want to write about business, economics, sports and life in general. I would also like to write some humorous autobiographical essays and fiction.

I live in Tampa, Florida with a very attractive woman whom I have convinced to marry me. I'm hoping to become fabulously wealthy, or gain superpowers, or both, before she realizes she's out of my league. For now I'd appreciate it if we kept it between us.

I work for a living, so I can't guarantee any kind of regular posting schedule, other than that it will be irregular.

When it comes to politics, I am an ideological libertarian, and a member of the Republican Party. Politics is about coalitions, and I share many goals and ideals with conservatives and other Republicans. I am unwilling to forfeit my political voice for the sake of purity, so that means party politics. That, and the costs of allowing the Democrat Party to be in power are too much.

I'm a die-hard fan of the Buffalo Bills and Tampa Bay Lightning (I moved to Florida and got interested in hockey - go figure), and root for the Tampa Bay Rays. I follow college football and root for the USF Bulls (sort of).