Saturday, February 12, 2011

My New Blog

Those who know me know that writing is something I like to do, especially when it comes to politics. Some may remember my blog, Zoominac, that I used to have with my own domain name. In the end, the blog was more of an occasional log of essays rather than an oft-updated website that is capable of obtaining wide readership. That's all well and good, but not something I was really interested in paying a $10 a month hosting fee for.

I've used the Note feature on Facebook to do a lot of my writing, and it generated some of the results I wished for but never had at my old blog - comment and debate. I'm thankful for the platform and will continue to use it. However, I've wanted once again to have a place where the outside world could access my writing, as well as have a "home base" where I could link to and list other stuff, such as my letters-to-the-editor (I'm up to 10 since 2008).

So, I've decided to put together a new blog, this time hosted by Blogger without a monthly fee.

I want to write posts I'll call LQ&C, which stands for Link, Quote and Comment. I'll post some links to interesting articles and things I find on the internet, as well as occasionally including a quote or a short comment from me. One of the qualities of my favorite blogs is that they serve as a router to other interesting content, and I find myself going back to these blogs because I know they'll find some of the best articles on the internet. I hope that my blog can do a little of that, too.

I'll cover my usual junk - politics, economics, and news from a libertarianish Republican perspective, with sports and miscellany from time to time.

The blog will be a hobby and treated with all the seriousness of that pet hamster you had in fourth grade - you know, the one you fed at least once a month. I work and go to school full time, as well as have a life, which doesn't leave a whole lot of time for blogging. I can't stick to any type of posting schedule, but I'd like to put up something at least once a week.

So drop by sometime, check it out, and leave a comment if you're so inclined. But do me a favor and take your shoes off when you come in.

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